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Newly Divorced Mom of 3, Needs Help Obtaining Her CNA License!

My Story:

I am a single mom, living with my three young children. A year ago I had to file an injunction on my ex-husband for domestic violence, and than at the beginning of the year I lost my job. At that point paying the bills alone became a struggle. I have been looking for work tirelessly, and am now striving to improve my chances for a career by obtaining my CNA license.

Assistance from Modest Needs in order to start a new career will help my family extremely. I cannot afford the costs for the CNA course on my own. I have been living modestly and have cut back so much since losing my job. As I know people who are constantly seeking and hiring CNA's, I know that once certified, I will have a bright future ahead of me.

Since I was a young girl I have always believed in the good in people. It has been hard to stand by that lately, but I still have hope. Everyone deserves a second chance and I will do everything possible to give my children a better life. Your help would be truly appreciated. Thank you!

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