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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI just spoke with Greg and and he was very excited to say the least. He wants to thank each and every one of you personally though he understands the donations are anonymous. They are hoping for a completion date sometime this spring/summer. Its a beautiful 2 bedroom ranch that will have a track system built into the ceiling to assist lifting in and out of bed and the tub. I'm going to try to attach an image so you can see the house. The image is from last summer but gives a good idea of the project. Again thank you - what a wonderful thing you've done

A Group Effort: Story of Kindness

My Story:

This applicant is a 22-year-old young man who recently graduated from high school in New Hampshire. He uses a power wheelchair for mobility. He does not have any cognitive impairment and has a wonderful sense of humor. He loves to tease and be teased.

He is employed during the summer as a camp counselor at a Boy Scout camp. He teaches merit badges to scouts. He also has been asked to speak at fund raising events for the Easter Seals program in NH.

This young man has survived and developed very well given his early home life. He currently has very little to do with his natural parents, one of whom is incarcerated and the other experiencing on-going substance abuse issues.

He was raised by his aunt as well as by a family friend. This friend has taken him under his wing and the applicant is currently living with him. The applicant has had a difficult winter physically and his friend has been the main person to ensure he gets to all his medical and therapy appointments, which have included multiple trips to Boston Hospitals.

The friend's family are all grown and he has decided that he wants to use whatever he has built up over his life to assist the applicant. To this end, he has established a Special Needs Trust, which will be funded upon his passing. He has also decided that he wants to build a house for the applicant so he will always have a place to live at no cost to him.

To this end, he has subdivided his property to the applicant and has begun to build a house for him. He is doing this 'paying as he goes.' So far he has put more than 35,000.00 of his own money into it and the project is at the point of sheet rocking and insulating.

The well and septic are installed. His friend earns his income mowing and snow plowing for the state and for landowners so he is far from wealthy. Being a resourceful New Englander, he has gotten much of his materials at cost and found plumbers and electricians to work at a reduced rate. This is a wonderful story of caring.

The applicant is asking Modest Needs to assist with the expense of having remote control indoor door openers installed on his bedroom door and the bathroom door. It is difficult and at times impossible for the applicant to open the doors by hand. These openers are currently out of the budget and need to be installed before much more progress can be made. Thank you for considering the need and keeping this amazing story alive.

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Application Status Update: On 2009-01-26, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,000.00 to Power Access Corporation on behalf of this deserving individual.