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Mortgage Payment-Military Mom

My Story:

My financial situation started to snowball when my 20-year old son's Air Force Boot Camp date was postponed. The initial date was in March and during the date of his enlistment and boot camp date, he qualified for Para-rescue Special Forces.

This is what caused the postponement. He will now go directly into Indoctrination Selection for ten weeks after Boot Camp. He had already given his two weeks notice at work just before he was informed of his selection for the position had been filled.

This resulted in two months of lost income for him. I paid his car insurance and immediate living expenses in addition to paying our property taxes. I have not had the money to catch up on the mortgage yet.

He is officially leaving for the Air Force and will begin receiving income. I am a high school teacher and get paid once a month. I do not have a savings account. The savings that I did have was all used up in medical expenses when my daughter suffered a spinal cord injury in 1997.

I would appreciate any help that I can receive to get caught back up with this expense.

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