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Auto Repair not covered by insuranc

My Story:

I was rear-ended on 9/26 while driving the kids to school. Thank goodness no one was injured (I had 2 other children in the car with us I drop off in the mornings). Well, due to the age of my vehicle, a fender bender amounted in my car being 'totalled'. It is older but a very dependable & well-maintained vehicle which I have had paid off for 2 years. I opted to retain the vehicle and have it repaired. The payoff was not enough to purchase another vehicle, and I cannot afford a car payment with higher insurance premiums rightnow. I had to get the title redone as a 'salvage title' in order for my registration/title to be valid. This required I have the car re-inspected. It failed inspection due to emissions. There was damage from the accident to the exhaust & catalytic converter that the body shop had no way of detecting. The least expensive repair (that would also guarantee it pass emissions) is $562.90. I just got caught up on bills this month and now cannot drive without risking getting a ticket, nor can I possibly afford this unexpected repair bill.

I cannot get a loan, make payments on the repair, and have no family other than my children. I am having a hard time finding rides - just a cab back from the local grocery store is $12.00 - one way for one person. There is NO public transportation here other than a taxi. I have not missed a day of work, nor the kids a day of school through all this.

I'd really like to maintain our independence and get back on the road before long. I am also to start a part-time night job on 11/23 so I could get some savings back in the bank, just for situations like this. It's 5 miles away - and I'm 43, not 23. That's a hike. Thanks for reading and have a great holiday!

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