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Help Me Keep My Car

My Story:

We have just had a really ruff year and have struggled not only financially but physically and emotionally.It began in Jan. when my husband had a bad wreck and totalled his truck, while in hospital they found a spot on his lung they thought was cancer. He went thru surgery to romove and thank GOd it was not but he was out of work over a month. I have MS and several other health problems and was in hospital in April , I have alot of Dr.s appointments some are close and others are a couple hours drive. My husband has taken many days off to be with me when needed. Then he broke his hand and was out of work for a couple of weeks . he is in constuction and right handed and he could not saw or hammer for a while , but he did what he could. We have been having alot of trouble with my son and as a result he has had to miss quite a few days of work and has to take off early each week to go to sessions with my son.We will do anything to help him !!! It just seems as though we have been playing catch-up all year. As soon as we start to see a little light something else happens. We've just gotten so far behind and we have had to let our car payment go or make partial payments a few times so that we could pay other bills. My son and daughters b-days were the last 2 weekend and we were not really able to do anything for them, but they were so understanding.( I felt so awful and cried over it, I told them I wish things were different and apologized, and they were consoling me !)The Lord has blessed us tremendously and I know he will continue to do so. We would be so grateful if you could help us keep our car. Having this bill current will help us out so much and will take the burden off our hearts and minds. If we can take care of this then we can work on another outstanding bill we have and be able to bring it current. Your generosity will make a world of difference to our family and would be so very much appreciated. Thank you & GOD BLESS !!!

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