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Emergency Car Repair Assistance

My Story:

In late February, 2007, I had to send my car in for repairs. I have three kids and my four yr. old has a degenerative brain disorder called Leukodystrophy. This disease has left her unable to walk, speak, or feed herself.My daughter attends the Cerebral Palsy clinic at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital of Atlanta. We DONOT live near or on a bus-line and desparately need our car. We moved from rural North Carolina, so that Kiandra would have better medical care and a chance to walk one day. Our car is our life-line here because I have NO family here to help us. I have no way of getting to grocery stores and doctor's appointments. I walk 1 1/2 hrs one way to the nearest store to get the basic things that we need. Kiandra had 16 botox shots in her legs on March 22, 2007 and follow-up physical,speech and occupational therapies were required but my car is still in the shop and she has not had any of her therapies as of yet.Kiandra had a bad toothache about 2wks ago and did not eat from thursday to Sunday. I put her in her stroller that Friday and I walked to the nearest dentist office about 3 miles away (one way)they refused to treat her because she was special needs and would not open her mouth. They told me to take her to Scottish Rite. If I had my car, don't you know I would have driven to the end of the earth to get her relief. I have a Batchelor's Degree and I worked before I came here. I left everything to give her this chance to become self-sufficient.I have just enrolled in an on-line program for my Master's Degree while at home with my daughter. I will seek employment after kiandra get's through most of her treatments. I am relying on SSI, and Child support for now, and have nothing left after the bills are paid. I have exhausted every resource available to us. I have called every number that United way has given me, along with, eight pages of referral resources that I got from Social Services, and submitted applications on-line to all the donate-a -car for kids foundations. I will be grateful for any assistance that you are able to give. Please help me with my quest for my daughter to walk, by funding this application, so that we will have transportation to all of her medical appointments.

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