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Urgent Health Care

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThank you for recognizing both my remarkable 'comeback' from a massive ischemic stroke, and the urgency of my continued rehabilitation during the first year of recovery. In-home speech therapy is tough to find, hard to secure, and impossible to afford. To have overcome those odds to find a speech pathologist committed to me, and have Modest Needs support this, is a dream come true.

Need Post-Stroke Speech Therapy

My Story:

After a massive ischemic stroke in April 2011 that paralyzed me and deprived me of vocal muscle control--a condition called vocal apraxia--I am making a remarkable recovery. Right now I move a limb an inch more a week, which is excellent. My overburdened wife Ofelia, 60, is my primary caregiver; together we are moving thru rehabilitation and into independent living.

I need your help getting speech therapy to give me my voice back. In-home speech therapy is the sole 'cure' for my loss of speech-function. It is prohibitively expensive and impossible to find a pathologist who can make 'house-calls' which I require. That I HAVE found one, and that she has reduced her hourly rate (from $100 to $35/hr) in acknowledgement of my financial hardship is a miracle.

Due to my paralysis and my wife's obligation to be my caregiver we are on the fixed income of my SSDI and food stamps. There is no extra income to support my needed therapies. We still have many bills to pay and insurance does not cover the cost of speech therapy.

The first year after a stroke is the richest window for theraputic recovery to take place. Every year after we heal more slowly. To be able to have repeated speech therapy ASAP would have a huge impact on my recovery and life.

We are extremely fortunate to have found a speech therapist who is willing to work with me for such a steeply discounted rate. In addition to negotiating prices, we have also reached out to volunteers for assistance and attend stroke support groups to benefit from peer experiences. We are doing everything we can to come back from this stroke and not fall behind on our bills at the same time.

If we can just get this grant I will be able to secure the rare services of a speech pathologist who will treat me in my home. Please--your help would mean so much to us. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

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Application Status Update: On 2011-12-22, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $735.00 to Xcess Yourself on behalf of this deserving individual.