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Need Safe Transportation for Quality of Life

My Story:

I live alone, and I have no children. I do have a degree, but a crime was committed against me leaving me unable to work at this time. I do have hope with counseling and medication to one day work again.

I struggle to live on disability benefits which I am grateful for, though I pray for the day I can take better care of myself and understand what happened to me was not my fault. My car is 21 years old. I am grateful to have any car as most people on limited incomes have no car. My car has 216,000 miles and is still ticking. It currently needs rear shocks which will keep me safe while driving. The car is for necessities only so it will last. Doctor's visits are most important to me as that one day my life may improve.

The shocks will eventually break leaving the car dangerous to drive. Cabs to get to my appointments will simply cost more on a monthly basis, including grocery shopping and basic errands such as getting my prescriptions filled. Without the assistance from Modest Needs for this car repair, I will drive the car until the shocks break and I don't know what I will do.

It is very hard for me to ask for help, but I have no choice. I feel ashamed that I am not standing on my own. Even though a crime was committed against me, I am trying through counseling to learn life is worth it. That not all people are out to hurt others. I never thought my life would get to this point. Thank you kindly.

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