Paid 12/28/2011
Self-Sufficiency Grant

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Hi my name is Deanna, and i would like to thank ALL of you for all the Donations that you put towards my application for rent help. There is not enough words to express how thankful my family and I are for all your help. We will be able to start the new year, with less stress, and it is all thanks to you guys. Thanks again and I wish you ALL a happy new year.

Birth of Baby to Hardworking Couple: Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am part of a family of four. My significant other works two part-time jobs in the evening hours, and spends his days at home with our two children, a son who will be five, and a daughter who is just four months. He takes whatever hours they can give him to support his family. I work as a food service team member, working day time hours. We don't get to see each other much, but we do what we can to support our family, even if that means working opposite shifts.

Just recently I took a short term disability leave from work due to the birth of my daughter. I took seven weeks leave with only six of the seven weeks being fifty percent paid. Even though I was allowed to take up to thirteen weeks leave so I could have bonding time with my child, I chose to go back after seven, knowing it was only best if I did, so I could start making income again. Going on leave took a big toll on my income, leaving me short half of what I could have been bringing in. I need Modest Needs' help to catch up on our monthly rent after a short term disability.

I'm worried that one of these days we will be so far behind that we will be evicted and have no where to live. With the winter months just around the corner, I want to make sure I can keep a roof over my family's head. I worry I won't have the money to provide the daily essentials to care for my infant, who is just four months old. I am worried and stressed out. I already have anxiety and having to worry about this every day is causing me a lot of stress. As a mother of two, I would love to spend my days stress free and enjoy my days with my children, without worrying about rent.

If Modest Needs donors funds our application we will be stress free, and we will finally be caught up financially and finally go back to the way things were before our daughter was born and I had to take the leave. We will be so thankful, and hope one day we can return the favor to someone else in need. Knowing that complete strangers all over helped us out means so much to me. There's no words to express how I would feel.

As of 2011-12-28, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2011-12-29, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $650.00 to Waterton Residential on behalf of this deserving individual.