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Endless Car Repairs (& Dishonest Mechanic) Put Disabled Woman in Dire Straits

My Story:

She is a 50-year-old single woman in Red Oak, Texas who is fighting cancer of the pineal gland, as well as advanced degenerative disk disease, cervical scoliosis and reverse curvature of the neck. It's no question that these ailments are a large burden to bear, but constant and seemingly unending car repairs have put her in a scary financial predicament.

She bought a car that she thought would safely get her to and from her medical appointments, but has been having expensive repairs done to it ever since. On top of that, one mechanic took her for a ride, charging her for work to a repaired vehicle that broke down just three miles away from his place of business.

As a result, this struggling single lady is asking for assistance in paying for the seemingly endless car repairs under our Independent Living Grant. With this one-time help, she can get back on track, continue to get herself healthy and eventually become independent and employed after her surgery.

She tells us, 'I am terrified of being homeless again as I do not have enough money to cover my rent for August. I've gone over my budget from all angles and all I see is gloom and doom. [With this grant], I would be able to start saving again so that I can move to a less expensive apartment.'

It is clear that this individual is on the cusp if self-sufficiency, if only she can get a hand up after a string of bad luck. If you'd like to see that she gains that financial independence, you can make a contribution to Modest Needs and use your points to vote that we fund this request. As soon as this application has 100% of the points needed, we'll immediately remit payment for her car—her sole form of transportation. After that, you'll get a thank you note, in her own words, expressing how your small change had the power to change her life.

Thank you for considering this application and for your ongoing support of Modest Needs.

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