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Appraisal License Renewal Cost

My Story:

For the past 30 years I have been a residential appraiser. However, since 2009, work has drastically slowed down due to the new standards set forth by the Federal Government. We are now controlled by Appraisal Management Companies, and I've registered with at least 20 of them.

Every two years it is time for appraisal license renewal. In order to renew my license for a State fee, I need to complete a 50 hour training course. The e-licensing school offers all of the necessary requirements in one package. The problem is that I cannot afford to pay for it at this time. I have to complete the course in time to renew my license, which will expire on August 19, 2011 (my birthday).

In the past, when my finances were bad, I could always depend on my late life partner to help me through. He died a month before my last license renewal in July 2009. My family is not able to help me with the amount I am requesting.

If I don't take the course, and as a result, do not renew my license, I will have absolutely no income. I am not yet eligible for Social Security, and because I am self-employed, I do not qualify for unemployment. In addition, I have applied for at least 70 jobs since the big slowdown, many of which asked me to come for an interview. I believe the competition is tougher now especially due to my age. I would appreciate it so much if you could help so I can get started on my renewal process.

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