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Cremation Expenses For My Brother

My Story:

My brother came to live with me when he was in crisis in December of 2009. Due to his continuing illness of PTSD and complications he received disability and attended a day program. My brother strived to be on his own even though he continued to have episodes of crisis during 2010. My brother qualified for assistance for an apartment in December 2010.

During this time he was paying back child support which left him with minimal funds for his daily expenses. When he died in March 2011, I was able to become the administrator of his affairs at the end of April 2011. His bank account had less than $400.00. I am requesting funding to pay for his cremation. I am not able to pay this bill. I have a mortgage and the usual expenses of owning a home.

I work nights at the Critical Access Hospital in the small town I live in as a licensed practical nurse. I only ask for the funding to pay for his cremation - nothing for myself. The real and long-lasting difference would be that I would not be put into further debt from this expense. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I leave this in your hands.

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