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Mom's The Breadwinner - Car Repairs

My Story:

I lost my job two years ago. We have been making it on my unemployment and my school loans and grants. Unemployment stopped 3-5-2011. I have a job offer but need my car to get to work, college, my husband's doctor appointments, and children's doctor appointments (my son sees a neurologist for migraine headaches). My car needs brakes and other repairs desperately.

I do odd jobs (hair, house cleaning, etc) but I barely make enough to cover the bills. My professor told me about Modest Needs. You bought her a scooter. She is disabled and only teaches at my college part time. She said Modest Needs could possibly help me. So I thought I'd give it a try. Good people helping other good people sounded too good to be true. I hope you can help me.

I would truly appreciate it. My children and my husband would be grateful. My lovely 15 year old has been my backbone. It shouldn't be that way but she has helped me cook and clean and lent me her shoulder to cry on. She said she would be forever grateful and you would be an 'awesome' to help us!

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