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Cochlear Implant: Need Rent Help

My Story:

As the parent of a child with autism and severe hearing loss, the past ten years have been both challenging and rewarding. After graduating from a graduate program here in CT, I was offered a well-paying teaching position. However, I was forced to decline the offer in order to have flexibility with my daughter.

She is now a preteen and has recently received a new cochlear implant. As a single parent, I have to attend every school meeting, doctor's appointment and dental exam with my daughter. Educating and advocating for her is a full time job, but it has paid off. She is safe and very happy. Although my flexibility and support is good for her growth, it has also caused financial strains.

We are in need of assistance for rent this month. It is important that I maintain a safe and comfortable place for her, but as a substitute teacher, the rent is difficult to afford. I have written numerous articles regarding my daughter and also participated in presentation at the medical school. I am grateful in advance for your help.

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