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Family in Need of Help: Board Cert.

My Story:

Hello, my wife and I have two kids. I work part time and my wife works full time as a CAN (certified nurses assistant). We live in L.A. in the San Fernando Valley where the cost of living is very high. We barely make ends meet with both our incomes combined and lately have had expenses like car repairs, etc., which have kept us in a cycle of poverty. I have a real estate license but cannot afford to pay membership board dues to actually be able to work.

Being a member of the board will hopefully improve our situation as I should be able to have more income from real estate sales. I'm hoping someone can help me out with my situation. We would like to move back to Illinois with family but even that takes money to do. In the meantime we are in a situation of living paycheck to paycheck. I really need to improve our family's financial situation. Thank you.

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