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Bladder Surgery Bill

My Story:

My husband and I live in Minnesota with our 6-year-old son. My husband was laid off this summer and is going to school. I have been working full time for the same company for nine years. Since having my son, I have had incontinence issues with my bladder. This has caused me great embarrassment and sadness.

I was worried about the hardship it would cause my family if I had to be out of work and incur a large hospital bill. The surgery was put off for a long time until I finally had enough suffering. I finally found a surgeon who was able to correct my problem. He was able to adjust my bladder with a sling and I was back at work within two days. Complete success.

However, I still incurred a large hospital bill from this procedure. I was on a tight budget before this bill and now I realize that there is no way I can squeeze in another payment and still pay my regular bills. I am already making payments on my son's surgery from September and the other professional services that go along with it.

As with many people, the stress of money has caused me to be physically sick and if I could get a little relief my life would be much better. With this large medical bill being paid, I could pay off the other ones faster and maybe even start a savings account this Spring. Thank you for your consideration.

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