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Car Repairs for Unemployed Mom

My Story:

I am an unemployed grandmother who got laid of last November. I live with my daughter who also is not working and she has two sons. I moved in with my daughter long before I was laid off to help her financially since she did not have a job. She started keeping kids for those who were working until her employment situation got better. And while I was helping her I got laid off. Not being able to find a job, at the end of May I had to apply for an extension of my unemployment and at that time I was caught between a rock and a hard place as Congress stopped all extensions and I had no funds for food, gas and for anything else.

This brought about a tremendous strain on the relationship that I had with my daughter, as my lay off was not due to any fault of my own. The institution that I worked for was downsizing to save money.

Even though I was feverishly looking for work, I found no gainful employment. Then finally Congress got it together and they approved more extensions for those on unemployment, which meant that I would eventually be receiving unemployment again, but during that time, my car developed a intake manifold problem and now has stopped running.

This week I have had to turn down two interviews outside of the city that I live in because the public transportation does not extend to the surrounding cities in the suburbs where these job were and I have to find a job real soon or else I've got to consider moving into a shelter until I do find a job as this strain between me and my daughter gets quite unbearable at times. I am even taking some classes to strengthen my skills and we even fight about me taking classes to the point that it keeps me upset most of the time.

I have exhausted all of my resources for help and I have no money to put into the repairs of the car and so I am seeking help to get my car up and running so that the next time I am asked to come for an interview I can do it and give my chances for gaining employment a fighting chance.

Please let me know if this is something that you can help me with. Thank you.

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