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Wife Has Been Very Sick: Rent

My Story:

I am so impressed that in today's world people are still willing to help others that are in desperate need. Thank you...You have given me hope. I lost my job of 31 years due to 'downsizing.' We lost everything. I have taken a job as a custodian. It pays one third of my old salary, but my wife has had tremendous medical problems. She was a nurse. She only worked a few months before becoming ill, so she cannot collect disability.

She had a heart attack at age 37, needed a double bypass, lost the use of her leg (paralysis and RSD) because of a surgical error, therefore cannot work anymore. She is also diabetic and walks with a cane. We have been trying to rebuild our lives to some degree, but recently, she has had chronic kidney stones. During the past two summers, she has had a total of seven operations. She needs many medications.

I have fallen behind on my rent. I get charged a late fee every time I am late, and it just keeps building up. If I can get my rent paid up to date, my landlord won't charge us anymore late fees, and has agreed to give is a small discount. It may not seem like much, but this is beyond helpful to us, as I only bring home very little. Plus we will both be able to sleep at night knowing we will still have a roof over our heads.

Thank you SO very much for even considering helping us. Some day I would very much like to be a donor like you. May God Bless and keep you.

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