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Family Needs Rent Help

My Story:

I have three beautiful, wonderful children. My husband of 5 and a half years, also my children's father, was no longer able to be a part of our lives due to accidental pill overdose, so then I had to take on this whole new life of a single mom. Then God answered my prayers. About a year and two months later, my partner, friend and confidant and his son walked into our lives like a knight in shinning armor. He took on a whole new family, a single mother and her three babies. He has been our back bone for almost seven years now.

On May 7th, 2010, an accident almost took his life! Mangling his left arm, leaving him with 120 staples 60 stitches and two plates in his radius bone and lots of screws. He broke all the ribs in his back, and fractures to vertebra in his spine. He was taken out of work for two months. Our Superman was now broken.

He has now gone back to work. He has recovered nicely in just two months! We are still, however, suffering trying to get back on track and desperately need help with our rent. The kids start school soon and are in great need of school supplies clothes and shoes and with four kids we know that's not cheap!

With the help with the rent they can hopefully get the things they need to have a wonderful school year. We would be so grateful if you would please lend us a hand, and will surely give back when we are back on solid ground. Thank you so much!

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