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Debt Free, Rent Assistance.

My Story:

The following reasons are why I need help with my rent: 1) I was in a car accident which totaled my car in October 2009. I had to rent a vehicle for two months until I was able to scrounge up enough of a down payment for a new car. I purchased a used car in December 2009. The car turned out to be a lemon and I went back to renting another vehicle in March 2010. I continued renting until July 2010. 2) I then purchased another vehicle in full.

As I had no other means to get to work and provide for my family, I had to rent the vehicles until I could purchase another vehicle, which has left me in debt, and unable to pay my rent for August 2010. If I can just get help with my rent, I will be totally self-sufficient. I will not need to borrow money, which will only have me sink lower in debt because of the interest rates for pay day loans. I am single parent with no other income. Your help would be greatly appreciated by myself and my family. Thank you.

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