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Electric Bill Too High

My Story:

I am a single 37 year old unemployed mother of two growing boys ages 16 and 12. I recently made a decision that I thought would benefit my family by leaving my husband of 8 years due to his mental and physical abuse. With my boys getting older I didn't want them to think it was ok to treat their girlfriend or wife like I was being treated. Now the downside is that he was the only one that had any real income and with him being gone its going to be hard but I also know what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger.

I had enough in my savings to pay for my rent for three months cause I know I need to keep my home. But I don't have enough to pay for my overdue electric bill. I have tried everything I can think of to get a job and money. I have been looking for employment, even part time will be better than nothing. But nothing has come through. I am asking for help with my overdue electric bill. I know there are brighter days on my horizon, I just need a Hero for myself and my boys. Thank You so much for reading my story and God Bless.

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