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Renting Costs

My Story:

I have three sons. We moved to Virginia from Alabama after my husband passed in 2004. I wanted a better life and better opportunities for my children other than what Alabama could give them. We were doing fine as I had been at Wal Mart for a good number of years.

My children collected SSI benefits from their deceased dad. That helped a lot also, but one by one as each turned 18. SSI dropped them from the pay roll. The good thing about it was that as the oldest turned 18, his check was divided between the remaining two children.

I called Social Security to see if this was going to happen this time also, since my second son was about to turn 18. They told me that the same process would happen this time also. I was relieved. But when he turned 18, his checked stopped. I called them again and they gave totally different information then the first agent did.

So here I am with a big loss in income with no advance warning so that I could prepare for the loss. My rent is due and other bills are due and my son is going off to college this month. If I could just get this one payment under my belt so I can get back on track, that would be so great!

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