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Emergency Surgery/No Health Benefit

My Story:

I live with my wife, recently married in July of 2010. We have owned our home for three years and love it dearly. We have two dogs and two cats. On January 31, 2010, I had to get emergency surgery. I ended with up with an appendicitis and meckles diverticulum. My 26 hour stay in the hospital ended with just short of $15,000.00 in bills. I attempted to apply for financial aid, but had no luck. The hospital had said I made too much money. I have been paying every month on every bill since I have received the surgery.

In May, I had to get vascular surgery due to a damaged vein from the IV during the first surgery. So I have 15 medical bills totaling more than $20,0000.00 combined. Since June, I have been receiving notices from attorneys saying that they want to garnish my wages because my monthly payments are not satisfactory. I agree with that, but I'm at least paying on them a little every month, where others would not pay at all.

Then on June 21, 2010, my brother was over in Afghanistan serving our country and was killed by a sniper. He was 21 years old and had a long life ahead of him. The stress of losing my only brother and all of these notices from bill collectors is too overwhelming. I'm trying my best to do what I can. I make prompt payments every month, but its clear that the collectors don't seem to care and always want more. The truth is, I cant afford anymore than I am currently giving them.

I'm hoping that if I can receive some help with one of these bills, I can live my life without bearing the load of the loss of my brother and losing part of my pay every two weeks (they can take up to 10% of my gross). I will be able to get up every day without being depressed and feel like I work just to pay these bills. This debt is clearly not due to my lack of responsibility. This debt was only because I had a fluke of a medical problem with no benefits. I work for a very small company. There are a total of five people employed.

I work hard every day and sometimes work on weekends. I do not get paid for any overtime as I'm a salary employee. Any help that I can receive will impact the way I continue to live my life. I would like just for one day to be happy and stress free. Thank you all for reading this and I hope you truly understand the hardship I face every day.

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