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Car Repair for Job and Disabled Son

My Story:

I am a 56 year old sub-teacher with the local school distract. Also, living with me is my 30 year old son. We need help fixing our car, because I cannot afford the repair bill (upper oil pan gasket and starter). The reason we are asking for help is because, county employees cannot get unemployment over the summer and I had no luck getting a job this summer.

My son is also upset about everything. He recently went through brain surgery to remove a tumor. It left him with complications and PTSD. He doesn't get any assistance and is unable to work.

The money I get is barely enough to pay my mortgage and lights. Your help with my car would mine a great deal to my family. I would be able to get my son to his many medical appointments easier. We would not have to walk to the grocery store (my son cannot take the hot weather well since surgery, but he still tries).

Gratefully, I would be able to get to my jobs when the schools start in the fall and also go back to school myself to finish my degree in Business Management. The best part would be that we would be able to attend church as a family again. Thank You.

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