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Laid Off: Need Utility Bill Help

My Story:

We owe this utility bill due to my husband was laid off from the state - he didn't make but a modest hourly wage before he was laid off, so once he was eligible (had to wait for the quarters to match at unemployment) the income amount was almost zip.

I work full time out of town just to keep a job. We are both back to work and will gladly pay anyone back that helps us. We just do not have the funds to pay this bill and they are not willing to let us make any type of payment plan. I have no family that would be able to help with this bill. I know it is a lot but....I had to make a choice feed the family or pay the gas/electric bill.

I am at a loss for words on how to explain to my grand-daughter that she can not watch cartoons or play jumpstart because we have no electricity. She is 6 and to her that would be horrific. Please help--I will help others in the future or pay you back. Thank you.

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