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Transplant Patient - Car Repairs

My Story:

I am reaching out to you today to ask for assistance in paying for a completed auto repair that, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we have been unable to finish paying. My husband and I recently both underwent kidney procedures where he gave a kidney in order for me to receive one. Prior to this I had been suffering with kidney disease for about three years. I met my husband during this time and because I had no success in finding matching donors he decided to participate in Indiana's first kidney donation chain.

My husband and I were married last June, a couple months before my surgery and we were notified while we were on our honeymoon that they had found a match for me to receive a transplant. It has all been like a fairytale until now. After both of our surgeries we decided to begin life anew. I even felt as if I was reborn! My husband, who is a chef by trade but has always worked as an independent caterer, decided to take a job in Florida so that I could be closer to my siblings from whom I had been separated for at least 6 years. Since work had slowed down in our small Indiana town, this job opportunity gave us a wonderful new start. Unfortunately, it has all been almost nightmarish.

My husband did not begin work on the date he was promised and we got behind in our bills, which deplete what little cushion we had saved. We depended on the kindness of my siblings to provide groceries for our family and we have three kids under ten. When he finally went to work he was promised a certain amount of hours per week but the hours were always cut early. We, in spite of all this, made do. I have always tried to work part-time in spite of being on dialysis and even completed my social work degree but am sadly having no luck with securing full-time work. I can only assume that even with my degree my previous situation does not make me a desirable employee because I have to explain my limited work history up until now.

Regardless, I am aggressively pounding the pavement for a new job. Now that statement is pretty literal because our car recently broke down, which is why I am asking for your help. For the past two months I have been taking public transportation to work and my husband was laid off exactly two months after he started working and is unable to actively job search or consider catering because we live in such a broad area geographically. We are trying to remain positive but it has been very difficult. The jobs he has been able to generate through internet searches never pan out and without a vehicle he is limited by distance. Each month after our bills are paid we have a very small amount to buy groceries with. We have no choice but to make it work.

Without transportation we are headed for serious failure. We cannot afford to let any bills go unpaid because that would seal our fate immediately! I am usually the last person to ask for help and I have worked since I was 15. I have taken care of my family as best as I could even during my kidney failure and together with my husband in this current crisis.

I am asking the Modest Needs donors to find it in your hearts and budgets to please help my husband and I with repairing our vehicle so we can get back on the right track to self sufficiency and ultimately success. Thank-you for your time!

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