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Need Rent Help, Took Pay Cut

My Story:


I am requesting your help to catch up on my rental payment. I am currently behind on my rent. There are several contributing factors as to why I have fallen so behind. I am the sole provider in my household and do not have anyone to turn to for help.

Here are the circumstances as to why I am in this situation. I have recently been taken advantage of by someone that I trusted that in turn created my bank account to be overdrawn as well as the money that was in the account to be gone as well. Secondly, I took a monthly pay cut in December that has finally caught up with me, and I lost my roommate in May, which caused me to now cover the entire monthly bills.

My pay has mostly resumed to normal and I have been trying to keep up with all of my bills, but I can't cover more than my monthly expenses. I have started out every month for the last 2-3 months behind that it is impossible for me to catch up. I have tried every other avenue for loans, etc., with no luck as my income and line of credit is maxed out.

Your assistance would help me so much so that I do not lose my house as I have no where else to go. I sincerely appreciate your consideration of my request. Thank you so much and God bless.

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