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Medical Bill - Hard Working Family

My Story:

We're an average family with 2 working adults. We've managed to stay afloat, but always just barely. 4 years ago my husband decided he wanted to change things for our family and went back to school. It was a huge sacrifice for all of us - a strain on our already tight budget, and a strain on our home and family life.

He went to school full time and worked full time up until the end when there just weren't enough hours in the day for clinicals required for his degree. During that time, some bills went unpaid.

He has since graduated and we are working on digging out from under everything. We've paid a few things off and are caught up on everything else - except medical bills. Medical bills have been put on the back burner for several years.

Also, just the past year I've had multiple gynecological procedures done, including a hysterectomy, and the removal of a breast tumor. Some of the medical bills from the past have been put into collections and we will deal with them as soon as we can. We're making small payments on the most recent ones. However, one large one is about to go into collections also. We are trying to avoid this. The bill is for my hysterectomy in March.

Thank you for reading this and sacrificing to help someone else out. We want to get our financial affairs in order so we can leave a positive legacy for our kids and so that we can be a financial blessing to others. Thank you so much.

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