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Car Repair For Doctor Trips

My Story:

My situation has been difficult due to many years confronting end-stage renal disease. A life saving transplant assisted in giving me independence of being on dialysis, yet after several years, the kidney function is diminishing and I must begin the work again to be re-listed for a second transplant.

Due to my medical issues, my finances have become strained. Although I work two part-time jobs, I miss much work due to unforeseen medical complications. I cannot afford the repairs on my vehicle which I need to get to my medical appointments at a metro hospital in Baltimore, which is two hours away.

I need to put my aging vehicle to top shape so I can safely get to the hospital for clinic visit with the ultimate goal of second life-saving kidney transplant. I will always be grateful for the special gift I did receive and with the Lord's guidance, I can continue on with a precious second gift.

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