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Single Mother of 7 - Rent Help!

My Story:

I didn't know what I would do when I lost my job all of a sudden. I am a person whom always worked and being unemployed took me to a downward spiral fast, I had a friend who told me about this program and said that I could get help to better my situation and get back on track with my life.

I am a single parent of seven kids and no one would take us in if I would get evicted. I've learned life the hard way, but I know that if I don't work and take care of my kids I would be in trouble. I've kept a job and have always worked since I was 16.

Getting the help I need on my rent will relieve a lot of stress off me and I would be able to assure to my kids that we won't be homeless.

After being laid off from my last job, I immediately started looking for another place of employment. When I heard that my current job had a job fair I went to fill out an application; I was determined to get hired that day. Indeed I did! Now I'm able to catch up on my bills, because they were all behind.

If I can get the help on my rent, than I will be able to start saving any extra money to prepare for emergency times like this. No one will feel sorry or try and help someone with seven kids. They will just judge me and I will not allow that to happen and that's why I work so hard to survive. I am determined and I'm working to stabilize myself for my kids. Please help me catch up on this back rent!

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