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In Need of Vehicle Repair to Continue Going to Work

My Story:

I am a hardworking single woman who has been diagnosed with a mental illness.. I attend, and volunteer with, a day program for adults recovering from mental illness on my days off from work. I work as a laundry/housekeeping attendant and I love my job. I get a lot of compliments from the other staff, as well as the residents, at my work place.

I do not earn a lot of money, and just earn enough to pay my expenses each month. I do not have a way of saving up for any expenses that are outside of my regular budget. I just made the last payment for my car, and it is a great feeling. However, it is in need of repairs that I just have no way of affording on my modest income.

I am asking for Modest Needs' help to pay for repairs to my vehicle. For the last several years, I have managed to maintain an independent lifestyle, and secure a good job at a place where the staff are accommodating and patient with me. If I do not have working transportation, I could lose my job, and with that my feelings of self-reliance.

If I am able to receive this grant to repair my vehicle, it will enable me to continue working hard and setting an example for other people who struggle with disabilities. If I am able to get my car fixed, I will not have to worry about paying my regular bills or how I will be able to get myself to work each day. This would make everything much less stressful, and will help keep me moving forward. Thank you.

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